Frequently Asked Questions

How much does each ticket cost?

The price will be modified according to convenience, can be seen at the time of purchase of tickets. Actually is 0.0002BTC

There is any limits?

At first we will only limit the minimum in 0.0002BTC in the cart.

How do I buy bitcoins?

Go to any exchange and buy using Credit Card or Bank Transfer
Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

Is it trustable?

We intend to be as correct as possible, all raffles will come from official source to avoid fraud and pass trust

We do not intend to keep users' money with us for a long time, we will set a maximum limit and when the account balance reaches this limit we will automatically send to the user's wallet at the end of each jackpot.

Every important decision in the system that affects the user economically will require the user's password to be completed.

Our traffic and SSL protocol go through cloudflare. All traffic will be redirected to SSL protocol.

Server scripts always up-to-date and all its benefits including new hashing scripts, this means that your password is secure with us and we just store the hash made by the best encrypter, not a md5 or sha, a good encrypter.

We can't say we we are totaly protected against attack, because no one is. There is a lot of guys out there with nothing to do, just trying to find bug in systems. We can't say this is bad because this type of people makes softwares industry goes up.

How will I receive the pot prize if I win?

The prize that you will eventually win will go to your account balance, and from there you can transfer to your wallet

Because you simply do not send the prize directly to the winners' wallet?

Its simple, We want to be sustainable and stay online if possible forever, sometimes the user's prize will be very low and it will not be economically viable to transfer this value to the user, so we will only make significant transfers. But if the user does not want to wait or if for some reason wants to get their value, there will be the option to withdraw their balance with no minimum limit, however, will be discounted the mining fee. This is useful in times when the user is needing the value or simply for convenience, since the balance belongs to the user.

And if no one never wins?

The jackpot will accumulate a minimum of 0.1BTC a maximum of 4 times. If no one wins with 5 points for 4 consecutive times, the prize will be paid to the winners of 4 points, if persists and there are no winners of 4 points, pay the prize to the winners of 3 points. If there are still no winners, accumulate for the next.

Is this game legal?

As we have just launched, we will not worry, still, with legal aspects. But what we can say for now is that the proposal of bitcoin is that you are the master of your finances, and we follow that idea. What you win or lose here is all about you. Buy some tickets while the prize is small and simply stop participating if you feel you are violating laws.

How will the affiliate program work?

When someone invited by you buy tickets, you will receive in your account(not directly in your wallet) 2.5% of what they spend.


Someone invited by you spends the MINIMUM of 0.0002BTC You will receive 0.000005BTC
Someone invited by you spends 0.01BTC You will receive 0.00025BTC
Someone invited by you spends 0.02BTC You will receive 0.0005BTC
Someone invited by you spends 0.1BTC You will receive 0.0025BTC

Why should people trust you?

Trust comes with time. Everything in this life is a risk, we invested time and some coins developing this project. Being left in the wallet was the safest, but he has to give up otherwise it does not make sense to have him, just for having. My advice, invest the minimum for now. Or get profit from affiliate program.

Buy ticket now for only 0.0002 BTC

Security is everything

Attack Protection

We will do our best to prevent possible attacks.

Official Data

We get numbers from official fonts(EuroMillions actually), no fraud in results.

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