Rules This is all the rules of the game

  1. You will chose MIN 9 and MAX 9 numbers to match 3, 4 or 5
  2. The game may increases difficult by the time, if we all decide.
  3. Ticket price can change to more or less, by convenience. We decide this in social group
  4. We never sort the numbers, will use any famous lottery, currently using Euro-Millions
  5. Match 5 win 60% of prize, match 4 win 20% of prize, match 3 win 15% of prize
  6. If no one wins with 5 numbers, prize cumulates to next pot
  7. NEW If no one wins with 5 numbers for 4 times consecutive and jackpot cumulated a minimum of 0.1BTC , prize will be paid to winners of 3 points
  8. If no one wins with 4 numbers, prize cumulates to winners of 3 points
  9. If no one wins with 3 numbers, prize cumulates to next pot

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How it Works

1. Pick your 9 favourite numbers

2. Review your numbers

  1. 061122232434394344 Delete
  2. 041018192127294249 Delete
  3. 061125273033404749 Delete
  4. 020918222436434548 Delete
  5. 010514202123243350 Delete

3. Pay with your account balance or Bitcoin

4. Wait for official results, actually by numbers without star

5. Your prize go to your balance, request payout and enjoy it

Buy ticket now for only 0.0002 BTC

Security is everything

Attack Protection

We will do our best to prevent possible attacks.

Official Data

We get numbers from official fonts(EuroMillions actually), no fraud in results.

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